To build an Awesome City of the Future 🙄

Why are we building a Smart City?

Cities of today are built on an old framework of outdated ideas that perpetuate our societies wasteful ways and are in no way equipped to carry human kind into the future we require. Now more than ever people are ready to update and upgrade their experience to better reflect their preferred way of life and to hold themselves more accountable to the Earths environment. It's time for us to rethink how we interact within a city by introducing intelligent & interconnected systems that provide better solutions to problems like traffic, pollution, waste, crime and more.

How do we go from idea to reality?

An undertaking of this magnitude is going to require lots of funding and attention to see it through. Your Monthly contribution along with other member contributions will accumulate and provide the funding needed to assemble an All-Star team here at Awesome City of the Future. They will build the tools needed to create a video game first before we build a city.

The game will allow gamers all over the world to create spaces, buildings, experiences, you name it in the video game space. Then as members you will be able to like the features and experiences in the game that you like best.

The finalized virtual city in the game will be an exact blueprint of what the actual city will look like.

Along the way we will answer some of the bigger questions like, how much it will cost and where is it going to be.

Smart City Phases

Phase 1 – Conceive It

We will reimagine a city from the ground up. In order to do this We’re building a team first and that team will build a video game. The video game will be played by gamers that will build the city in a virtual space. Giving us a final version of the real city to follow.

Phase 2 – Fund It

We will only want to live and work in this Smart City if it makes sense to us financially and adds massive value to our lives. So, as soon as we have done our due diligence and we learn what the living conditions, costs and location of this city will be then together we will fund it.

Phase 3 – Build It

Once we’ve got the blueprint form the finalized game city and people are on board, we will build it. A Smart City that is brilliantly interconnected and intelligently designed with you in mind.

Come imagine your best life

then let's work together to create it.

We are changing our reality

What improvements will you offer future you?

Do you feel like you're smart

and everything around you is dumb?

We are not going to stop consuming

But we can forever change the ways in which we do